Dead Winter

Dead Winter

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  • Paperback


Book one in the Black Plague trilogy from the Time of Legends.

A thousand years after the Age of Sigmar, the Empire is struck by a deadly plague which decimates the population. In its wake, the foul skaven move to lay claim to the land of men.

More than a thousand years after the Age of Sigmar, the Empire he struggled to create rests on the edge of destruction – the reign of the greedy and incompetent Emperor Boris Goldgather has shaken down the great and prosperous edifice of his erstwhile realm. Without warning, a terrible and deadly plague strikes, wiping out entire villages and leaving towns eerily silent through the long frozen months. As the survivors struggle to maintain order and a worthy military presence, vermin pour up from the sewers and caverns beneath the cities, heralding a new and unspeakable threat – the insidious skaven!

Release date: June 5, 2013

Publisher: Games Workshop

Print pages: 416

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