Cold Silence: Cold Harbor Prequel

Cold Silence: Cold Harbor Prequel

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When his country needs him…

For Green Beret Travis Chapman, special operations and covert missions are his life. When his country calls, he reports without question. Until now. Until he’s tasked with protecting a woman he’d once loved and sent him packing. He’d rather go AWOL than spend time with civilian researcher Claire Reed. Even when he learns that her vital research project is stolen, he thinks twice about seeing her again.

Will he heed the call if it means seeing the woman who’d once broken his heart?

But everything changes when he hears that the prototype and specs for the Army’s latest virtual training program are worthless without knowledge only Claire possesses, making her a target for abduction by the clever thief. Despite their past, Travis won’t let anything happen to Claire and puts aside his feelings to go undercover to keep her safe. Can he convince Claire to rely on him to keep the training program out of the hands of subversive military groups and keep Claire alive?

Release date: February 6, 2024

Publisher: Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc.

Print pages: 248

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