Claws for Alarm

Claws for Alarm

Book 30: Mrs. Murphy
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Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen gets a little help from her veterinarian husband
to solve the murder of a young equine vet whose death may be linked to his
new clinic in this tantalizing mystery from Rita Mae Brown and her feline coauthor Sneaky Pie Brown.
Pharamond “Fair” Haristeen is known throughout Crozet, Virginia, as a good horse
vet and a better man. So when Benjamin Wagner, a new vet in town, is found
dead in his unopened clinic, local police turn to Fair for help getting to the bottom
of things. Fair quickly realizes Ben’s clinic has been robbed of ketamine, used by
doctors as a horse tranquilizer but also a popular recreational drug. Then Fair’s
own ketamine goes missing from the back of his truck. Was Ben killed for his
supply? Or was he mixed up in something bigger?
Meanwhile, Candida Perez, one of Crozet’s oldest and most beloved citizens, is
found dead at her desk. Not so alarming, given her ninety years of life. But the
bickering of her children, Ballard and Constance, over her will and the family’s
valuable collection of historical letters threatens to drive the rest of the town to
madness. Harry tries to play peacemaker, but the bad blood between the two
siblings runs deep. Just how far will they take their family squabble?
With a little aid from hungry helpers Tee Tucker the corgi and sweet puppy Pirate,
as well as feline sleuths Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, Harry and Fair team up to
restore justice—and maybe a little peace and quiet—to Crozet.

Release date: October 12, 2021

Publisher: Bantam

Print pages: 288

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