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Chimera Team

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From Book 1:

Stories of shame can die if told to the right person in a safe place.

MERCURY CARDINAL, born into violence on a native reservation then raised in the streets, has learned to control his anger issues as the captain of a special operations team within Canada's elite JTF2 unit.

DARIA HILL is the cool headed daughter of a Canadian black father and widowed Korean business woman.

Once, in charge of Daria's security, Mercury never has learned to never let her out of his site.  A relationship between them was forbidden which makes their daughter a well-guarded secret.

When Daria finds out her mother bought her daughter's kidney on the black market, it unravels a mess of lies that leaves everyone reeling.

Mercury is powerless when Daria relapses from the trauma of her long ago kidnapping, and Daria cannot manage Mercury's rage when his own family history painfully resurfaces. 

With so many scars torn open to bleed, it seems impossible for the two of them to keep going together.

When things that are dead do not stay dead, and the past deeds of parents rise up to choke their children, the secret stories of shame can crush even the strongest of hearts. 

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