Release date: July 2, 2021

Publisher: 3 Umfana Publishers

Print pages: 228

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Behind the book

Heila followed her daughter to the Scottish Highlands, leaving behind a painful past only to be met with a devastating present. Believing the Goddess abandoned her in her time of need, she resists her gift - which comes at a cost.

Max Vern is a war vetran suffering from PTSD. He has wandered the Highlands as a vagabond for over a decade. Having survived the violence of wars, and blaming himself for his wife’s desertion, he believes he is a blight on humanity.

And then she appears.

Like an angel of redemption, Heila crosses his path and elicits emotions and desires Max believes he is not worthy of. Max in turn, stirs heartfelt questions Heila is not willing to face.

Thrown together by a series of events and a mutual desire to protect both the people, and the natural beauty of their precious Highlands from conniving dangerous property developers, Max and Heila walk a path of self-discovery and forgiveness.

The only question remaining is, will they accept their new beginning or vanish into the pain of their past?

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