Book 1: Canvas
Are they mending broken hearts or breaking each other’s?
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Is it right when mending a broken heart breaks another?

My mother has always been out to destroy my father using the best weapon she had: me. True to form, the women I get involved with prove living without loving anyone is better than risking heartbreak...Until Lindsey reminds me of everything I have yet to lose. —Mitch

Self-destructive guys wrecked my reputation. Mitch doesn't hold my poor choices against me, but he follows a pattern of men I need to avoid. So why is my heart falling hard and fast when Mitch can't decide if he only wants to be friends? And can I put it all on the line again for a guy like that? —Lindsey

Release date: February 13, 2016

Publisher: Jody Kaye

Print pages: 271

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