Breaking Rules

Breaking Rules

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This is a superbly written story with coming-of-age angst, steamy romance, and a mystery thrown in for good measure.”Neila F. Red Adept Editing

He's a hunky quarterback. She's a talented artist.

He's sworn off girls. She's fighting to protect her honor.

High school quarterback Train Everly was on the fast track to play college football until one misstep at a party put his chances in jeopardy. Now in his senior year, he's sworn off dates, no steady relationships, and definitely no sex. The last girl he'd fallen for tore out his heart and stomped on it with stiletto heels. But a blonde, curvy, and feisty girl, who blows into computer class like a category five hurricane, is about to chip away at Train's resolve.

Graffiti artist Montana Smith has been expelled from high school more times her mother cares to count. So Montana's mom decides it's time to get out of the big city and move to a southern sleepy town where Montana surely can't get into too much trouble. But the small town is rife with temptation, especially when Montana meets the star quarterback. She's drawn to his sea-green eyes, and his quiet personality. What she isn't ready for is his moodiness that seeps under her skin so much so that she decides to make a fool of herself on the football field. But she'll take the stares and whispers over her pathetic performance rather than tango with Train's ex-girlfriend who will do anything to get Montana out of the picture.

As a relationship between Train and Montana ebbs and flows, both will be tempted to do things that could lead to trouble and broken hearts.

This book is upper YA/NA and is intended for 18+ with strong language and sexual content.

Release date: May 1, 2017

Print pages: 262

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