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In the visionary new thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Before the Fall, something has been happening to young people all over the world—and a devastated population bands together to discover the cause.Suddenly and without precedent or explanation, something awful has been happening to teenagers across the globe, forcing parents to face a lonely future without their children. At the site of each loss, there lies a cryptic message, A11, which may be the clue to solving the crisis.Judge Margot Nadir is surprised and honored to find herself the next Supreme Court nominee from a President who has reached across the aisle to nominate her. Just as the President is about to announce his decision, her daughter inexplicably vanishes. Judge Nadir fears her daughter has become a victim of the global crisis. Margot and her husband, Remy, find themselves confronting every parent's worst nightmare, just as the whole world begins to scrutinize every choice they've ever made, are making, or may make in a future, which seems all the more uncertain with every passing second.At the end of the road lies an enemy with seemingly unlimited resources who is waging a secret war against the very notion of childhood—and the future itself.

Release date: January 4, 2022

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Print pages: 400

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