All Valley Tournament

All Valley Tournament

Jonathan Yanez Founding author
When creatures go bump in the night, He bumps back.
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When creatures go bump in the night, he bumps back.

(But in the sort of respect-your-space, you're-a-person-too, you-do-you way).

Every day, new possibilities of this shadow world emerge;

wonderous, unexpected, and, honestly, a bit horrifying.

Secrets abound as more factions choose sides in a war to come. The Fallen are using the Chosen to do their will and release the Ancient Ones.

It all kind of makes him miss the chicken costume.

When a mysterious invitation reaches Jonny's door in the form of a cryptex, the plot thickens.

A supernatural tournament hosted by the family Grimm is about to take place and the prize this year could swing the balance of power from Heaven to Hell.

With the help from his team of a gangster pixie, Victoria Frankenstein, and whatever Teri is, he'll have to go all-in to win and stop hell on Earth.

Release date: May 6, 2021

Publisher: Archimedes Books

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