All Our Next Times: Fallen Brook Series: Book 1

All Our Next Times: Fallen Brook Series: Book 1

Book 1: Fallen Brook
One girl. Four guys. Best friends. This is not your typical love story. Who will Elizabeth choose?
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“WOW! I need more. Everything about this series is addicting. I need to know what happens next. Highly recommend!” - Just One More Chapter

“I was not prepared for that ending. Omg!! This is a beautiful love story that will make you cry and gasp out loud...The author does a fantastic job keeping you interested throughout. Then bam!! It’s like, holy crap, that ending was crazy, and now I have to read the next one.” - L. Aquila, romance author of Fleeting Time

They say every love story has a beginning. If that were the case, then mine started when I was nine years old.

They say that nothing good ever comes out of love triangles. Nice to know. Too bad my triangle is a quadrilateral.

They say never fall in love with your best friend. Too late, because I fell in love with two of them.

I may seem spoiled. I may seem selfish. But you’ve never met Jayson, Ryder, Julien, or Fallon.

You know what they also say? Choices have consequences, and some consequences are deadly.


I have known and loved Jayson, Julien, and Ryder since I was a little girl. We grew up together. Shared our lives together. They were my best friends.

But I have to make a choice.

A choice about the woman I want to be…

And the man I want to be with.

My choice changed everything. But what if I made a mistake? I thought I knew how my love story would end. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Reader’s Warning: All Our Next Times is the beginning of Elizabeth’s love story and is Book 1 in the Fallen Brook Series. Book 1 is a steamy romance full of angst, emotion, and suspense, and told in multiple POVs. Book 1 takes place from childhood through high school and contains scenes that may be triggering (violence and reference to assault, abuse, and drug use, foul language, suspense, and a shocking cliffhanger). Sex/sexual intimacy in the book is consensual. Recommended for mature readers aged 17+. Please note that even though there are multiple love interests, it is not a RH.

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The Fallen Brook Series

Book 1: All Our Next Times
Book 2: Paper Stars Rewritten
Book 3: Broken Butterfly

Release date: July 9, 2020

Publisher: KDP

Print pages: 478

Content advisory: Contains triggers (foul language, sex, violence, shocking cliffhanger)

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