Abandoned World

Abandoned World

Zane Torres, seventeen-year-old VidTube star, has a perfect life...then the world ended.
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When you have it all, you've got a lot to lose.

Zane Torres, seventeen-year-old VidTube star, has a perfect life: a wildly popular video channel, a super hot video-star girlfriend, and a black belt in awesome. His fans don’t know he lives with an alcoholic step-dad, a narcissistic step-brother, and Type I diabetes. Zane doesn't want them to know. ‘Pitiful’ doesn’t gain followers.

Exocorp has been evacuating the polluted planet for decades and there are only a few years to go. But company executives and the top levels of the government leave the planet early, abandoning Zane and thousands of others to die, suffocating in the bad air. How will Zane find a place with clean air, food, and the insulin he needs to stay alive?

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Release date: September 26, 2019

Publisher: IPH Media

Print pages: 218

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