What you lose in the fire, you’ll find in the ashes


Stuart Mackenzie has a mission to save the world, one fire at a time. When he arrives in the small seaside town of Groenbosbaai on South Africa’s Garden Route, he doesn’t realise how true the saying will be.

Stuart has dedicated years of his life to the International Fire Rescue Team. He has little time for love or relationships. A life-changing meeting with the local town doctor has more significant consequences than Stuart could ever imagine, reminding him of things he buried in the past.


Hayley Evans has given up on love. She doesn’t want to experience another heartache. After all, she’s already lost her husband to cancer. So she buries herself in her studies and her work, but her return to Groenbosbaai to join the family practice brings more than she expected. She finds herself and the peace she so desperately needs.


Can their meeting offer more than a ray of hope for Stuart and Hayley?

Release date: December 6, 2020

Publisher: Francine Beaton

Print pages: 88

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