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British Columbia, Canada
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A long time ago someone, referring to the long conflict in Northern Ireland, asked me the question 'The Irish, do they even know what they are fighting about?" These books are my answer to that question. Ireland is one of the grand passions of my life, writing is another, so when the time came to get serious about my life's work the two things were a very natural fit. I wanted to tell the story of Northern Ireland though, and for whatever reason, it was the modern era of the Troubles that called to me most strongly.

The characters have been with me for a long time, and feel like family to me now. A reader once said to me that these characters felt so real to her that she was certain they had existed somewhere, some time, and had chosen me to tell their story. I often feel that way myself, I just get out of the way and let them tell their story through me. These books are Irish history, yes, but they are also the story of people who live inside that history, with all the foibles of humanity--love, hate, revenge, joy, and sorrow. They are the story of marriages, friendships and lives lived out under the weight of an extraordinary history in an extraordinary country.

Welcome to the world of James Kirkpatrick, the Riordan brothers, and Pamela O'Flaherty as well as a cast of dozens, including gypsies and Jesuits, courtesans and spies, politicians and poets, rebels and raconteurs. Welcome to the world of the Exit Unicorns series, I hope you will enjoy the journey.

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