William Wilde and the Necrosed: An Anchored Worlds novel

William Wilde and the Necrosed: An Anchored Worlds novel

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William Wilde is a seventeen-year-old orphan. All he wants is to finish high school, survive the terrible cafeteria food, and overcome the bullies. Then into his life comes Serena Paradiso. Captivating and confident, she holds secrets about William's heritage. His friends know them, too.

So does Kohl Obsidian. He murdered William's family and intends on doing the same to William.

All of them watch William, study him, wondering if he is the one for whom they've been searching.

William never wanted to be a football star. He never wanted to fear for his life. And he never wanted to be a hero. But those are the prices to pay for someone destined to master the magic in his veins.

The life of an 80s teenager has never been so deadly.

Release date: February 27, 2018

Publisher: DuSum Publishing

Print pages: 308

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