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Will Parker Thriller

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From Book 1:


North Korea.
For Kim Jong-un, the time has come to position his country atop the world’s pecking order. To do so, he has invested his nation’s resources in one rogue scientist. Peter Nampo is a nanotech specialist who has developed a nuclear missile not only capable of reaching the heart of Los Angeles, but also capable of knocking out America’s eyes in the skies—the GPS satellites overseeing the Korean Peninsula. Jong-un has funded Nampo’s secret laboratory somewhere in a valley of the Taebaek Mountains.
Marine recon veteran and small town prosecutor William Parker has a history with Peter Nampo—and is the only one who can identify him. Recruited into a joint CIA and Pentagon Dark Ops Taskforce, Parker must infiltrate the Hermit Kingdom, find Nampo, and end the scientist’s threat. But there’s more to this mission than Parker knows, and what he discovers is a danger far greater than being trapped behind enemy lines . . .

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