Web of Lies: A Novel

Web of Lies: A Novel

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The truth is for sale.

Bobby Beckett's company specializes in social media manipulation: modern day propaganda. No matter how large or small the client, Bobby's armada of fake accounts and social media bots is ready to help deny the oil spill, micro-target Facebook ads for an incumbent Senator, or astro-turf the latest smartphone with five-star reviews.

For the right price, any narrative can be spun.

But when business dries up and his company is desperate for cash, Bobby turns his sights on an undesirable new client: a Central Asian dictator embroiled in a civil war. A client far more brutal than anyone they have ever worked with.

As their business relationship spirals out of control, Bobby must use every technological trick up his sleeve to keep himself and his coworkers alive. Will their years of spreading propaganda come back to haunt them, or will Bobby finally learn that his actions have consequences reaching far beyond the code on his computer screen?

Release date: December 7, 2020

Print pages: 342

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