• Virus Attack:  Cataclysm in the Cosmos

Virus Attack: Cataclysm in the Cosmos


Two separate cat species collide in the cosmos to tackle one shared mission: survive deadly virus attacks while thwarting the tyrannical schemes of power-hungry leaders.  Zahra and Orion have misled the felidors of exoplanet Kapteyn b, assuring them they can achieve immortality if they merge with a different species to counteract the virus. Felidors are more advanced than felines and have achieved intergalactic space travel along with language assimilation skills.

Meanwhile, felines on planet Earth face a horrible virus themselves. Their future is just as dire as the felidors.  Now, only one shelter houses cats that are still infection free, but time is running out. Inside this facility are two caged cats.  Donovan from Kapteyn b and Khan from planet Earth.  They become fast friends and allies.  What will happen to them?

Five extraordinary felidors are led by Artema in a fight to maintain goodness and equality on their home planet and beyond.  Follow the action in this explosive novella series as Rhea, an almighty cat god of the universe, battles her evil sister Hecate’s takeover attempts!


Release date: July 1, 2021

Print pages: 71

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