Vigilant Charity: A Charity Styles Novel

Vigilant Charity: A Charity Styles Novel

Wayne Stinnett Founding author
Entering a secluded cove in the Sea of Abaco, in the Bahamas, she runs into an old acquaintance.
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Charity Styles has been wandering the Pacific aimlessly aboard her beloved sloop, Wind Dancer, and only recently returned to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Entering a secluded cove in the Sea of Abaco, in the Bahamas, she runs into an old acquaintance and the woman’s young daughter. The two have a few things in common, not the least of which are four men’s bodies at the bottom of a 600-foot-deep blue hole on Hoffman's Cay. The reunion is fraught with “what ifs.” What if Charity had enjoyed a normal childhood like her friend’s young daughter? What if her mother hadn’t abandoned her as a child? What if her father hadn’t died when she was in college? What if Victor hadn’t been murdered? Just as Charity begins to relax and truly enjoy the companionship of a good friend, disaster strikes. In an instant, she's faced with a terrible choice that will push Charity to her limits. Her action could mean the difference between life and death for both mother and daughter. When Charity’s two worlds collide violently, a drug running operation is exposed, as well as a slick southern lawyer. Will Charity handle things in her usual way?

Release date: June 28, 2019

Publisher: Down Island Press

Print pages: 264

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