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The search for a notorious serial killer takes a therapist on a nightmarish quest to an alternate world to find the sinister secret behind his crimes, in a dark fantasy inspired by Caribbean urban myth, from the award-winning author of The Blue, Beautiful World.

Dr. Miranda Ecuovo works as a forensic therapist, helping traumatized witnesses recover their memories so that they can testify about the crimes they observed. Her most famous case was the conviction of the serial killer, Walther Gray, a pathologist’s assistant, known as the Butcher of the City.  
One day Miranda is seized by Chance, one of the spirits known as the Undying, and transported to a dreamlike fantastical world. There she is greeted by an Angel and presented with an unusual mission: help Chance catch the rogue Undying who was the true mastermind behind the Butcher's crimes. 
So Chance and Miranda must stop the killer before he kills again. Together they will race through a surreal otherworld of magical labyrinths and wondrous spirits—but also into the maze of Miranda’s own memories as they retrace her original investigation.  
As Miranda draws closer to truth, she finds herself confronted by even bigger questions than the killer’s identity. How was it that his victims’ deaths could be so easily forgotten? And what can she do to create a world where the vulnerable can be safe, and their lives treated as precious?

Release date: June 4, 2019

Publisher: DAW

Print pages: 304

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