Unforgotten (The Fallen Guardians #2)

Unforgotten (The Fallen Guardians #2)

A twist even Fate didn't see coming...


A twist even Fate didn't see coming...
Fate offers no mercy. Especially not to those who betray her. Lethal Guardian Aric's loyalty never falters. Not even when Fate exiled him and his brothers from the Heavens, separating Aric from his soulmate. He'll do anything to reunite with her. But when Willow suddenly appears in the mortal realm, Aric's greatest fear comes true-she's no longer the angel he left behind. 
Since Aric abandoned her, the Heavens have become Willow's personal Hell. Centuries of bitterness and hurt is a toxic combination. It even affects her angelic powers. When a Fallen offers Willow a chance to escape, she accepts. But shunning her connection to the Heavens comes at a cost. 
In a twisted battle of loyalty, trust and hope, what price will two soulmates pay for a second chance at love?
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Release date: February 26, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Print pages: 259

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