Touched by Gold

Touched by Gold

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The Promise of Gold...

On the heels of her greatest discovery, archaeologist Elysia Carlisle faced her most shattering betrayal. Her fiance absconded with the artifacts she had carefully collected, leaving her stranded and penniless. Gone was the map to an even greater treasure, a find she'd hoped would bring her glory before the imminent end of her career.

Now Ellie was left with nothing but a mysterious stone talisman, her only clue to the treasure's location. But someone possessed the talisman's mate -- Matt Devereaux, a handsome and infuriating gambler who also sought the lost fortune.

The Perils of Passion...

Devereaux suggested they join forces, but Ellie feared trusting any man. Yet she needed his skills to pursue her quest on the rugged New Mexico frontier, where the wild animals weren't as dangerous as gold-crazed outlaws.

But even more treacherous to her was Devereaux himself. The reckless rogue aroused her long-denied desire, threatened her good sense, and was growing perilously close to unlocking the secrets of another closely guarded prize -- her heart.

Release date: September 23, 2009

Publisher: Fanfare

Print pages: 384

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