To Kill a Matzo Ball:

To Kill a Matzo Ball:

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"Delia Rosen provides an entertaining deli whodunit." -- Mystery Gazette on One Foot in the Gravy Hitting below the Borscht Belt. . . For ex-Manhattanite Gwen Katz, running Murray's Pastrami Swami, the Jewish deli she inherited from her late uncle in Nashville, Tennessee, makes her feel like a whitefish out of water. To add to the craziness, martial arts teacher Ken Chan has come to sample her kosher delicacies for a black belt ceremony he wants catered. But just as Chan is about to try a matzo ball, bullets shatter the deli's window and Ken Chan is killed as he pushes Gwen to safety. Was Chan the victim of a hit by a crime gang from New York's Chinatown? Was a local hate-group targeting Chan--or maybe even Gwen? With the Nashville Police--and the FBI--baffled, Gwen enlists the help of an eccentric new-age entrepreneur. But more than bad vibes are coming her way as a killer returns. . .and this time it's the deli owner who may be the outgoing order. . . "Will certainly leave the reader hungry for more." -- on A Brisket A Casket "A really humorous cozy. . . Readers will thoroughly enjoy this deli tale." -- Once Upon a Romance on One Foot in the Gravy

Release date: July 1, 2014

Publisher: Kensington

Print pages: 304

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