There Will Your Heart Be

There Will Your Heart Be

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A New-Adult Christian love story about redemption and the power of God's grace. It's 1944. All Annalaura wants is to get through college, marry Eddie, and settle into a "normal" life. But World War 2 is ablaze, and Eddie is sent overseas.

Annalaura takes a break from missing him by attending a New Year's Eve celebration, and her life is forever altered when she suffers a physical assault. Now, with a broken spirit and an unwanted pregnancy, all she can do is go away. She leaves her life, her family, and Eddie behind. It's better for them that way, isn't it?

Annalaura is left starting her life over, on her own, separated from everything she loves. And she almost thinks she can make it, until she's confronted with Jesus' command to forgive when her attacker resurfaces, looking for absolution. But is it possible to forgive the unforgivable? Annalaura doesn't think so. Instead, she sets out to remake herself and seize the opportunity for revenge.

*Note the subject of sexual assault has been carefully portrayed in a non-graphic way, however discretion is advised if you feel the content may be unsettling.

Release date: March 29, 2021

Publisher: Independent

Print pages: 387

Content advisory: Non-graphic sexual assault

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