The Wrong Prom Date

The Wrong Prom Date

Book 3: The Wrong Match
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Can a fake relationship land her the prom date of her dreams?

Hayley Lawson has no chance of getting a date to prom. Thanks to a rumor gone wrong, the boys at school are all convinced she's only interested in dating college guys. She certainly isn't holding her breath waiting for someone to ask her to the big dance.

But, when her long-time crush returns to town, Hayley's hopes of landing her dream date suddenly reignite. Owen Beck is everything she's ever wanted in a guy, but after years of waiting, she can't rely on fate alone to bring them together. If she wants to go to prom with him, she's going to have to put her heart on the line and ask him herself. However, her promposal doesn't exactly go to plan, and when Owen's twin swoops in to 'save' her, she ends up in the arms of the wrong brother.

She might still have a chance with Owen though. Ethan knows his brother better than anyone, and he seems to think a bit of good old fashioned jealousy might just get Owen to ask Hayley to the prom himself.

A few weeks faking a relationship shouldn't be too hard. After all, Ethan is nothing compared to Owen. Right?

This book is a full length, standalone romance.

Release date: March 10, 2020

Print pages: 268

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