The Trailsman #271

The Trailsman #271

Book 271: Trailsman
Genres: Westerns
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Fargo gets the drop on a den of underage outlaws!

Skye Fargo usually doesn’t take on jobs that he can’t do himself. But when an old friend begs him to find a priceless ruby ring that was stolen off him by a passel of pint-sized pilferers, he knows how to go about it. He hires a streetwise vagabond kid named Toby to infiltrate the gang and lead Fargo to Dawber—a cunning criminal who runs the kids like his own personal thieves’ guild.
But this job isn’t going to be child’s play, and there’s nothing petty about the larceny this posse is pulling off. Soon Fargo realizes a lot more is at stake than one man’s heirloom. The Trailsman has to watch his step—and his pockets—if he doesn’t want to lose his shirt.

Release date: May 4, 2004

Publisher: Berkley

Print pages: 176

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