• Fire of the Dreki
  • Blood of the Master

The Sergones Coven

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From Book 1:

Fire of the Dreki, book 1 of The Sergones Coven - A BRAND NEW SERIES by Paranormal Romance Author, L.E. Wilson!

"With this author, after every book of hers I read, I think, "Well, it'll never get better than THAT." Then she proves me wrong. It's a rare paranormal romance author who can manage to come up with plots that are truly unique, and LE Wilson is rare indeed." - Paranormal Romance Author Isabel Jordan

"What do you get when you cross a dragon shifter with a vampire? Kohl, you get Kohl! I loved loved this book!"

"Fire of the Dreki (The Sergones Coven book 1) by LE Wilson is a huge 5 star read!" 

"I loved this book, I love everything by LE Wilson I think after this I'd even happily read her shopping list if she wanted to publish it."

The beast is awake, and it burns for its mate.

Kohl Sergones knows there's no place for a woman around a creature like him—half vampire, half dragon, and the only one of his kind. Adopted as a child by a coven of vampires, he keeps his head down and fights a constant battle to keep his fiery side at bay. Until the night Kohl sees Devon dancing alone in the shadows. The dragon senses her before Kohl does, and it awakens with a burning hunger he can't ignore. When her life is threatened, the beast is unleashed with a fury.
The last place Devon Young ever thought she would find herself is on the witness stand of a notorious court case concerning her employer, Parasupe—a company created by the US government to regulate supernatural creatures secretly living among the human race. Her testimony lands her boss in jail, and Devon has to relocate and start a new life. Determined to put it behind her, she treats herself to an evening out, where she meets a tattooed bartender whose tough appearance can't hide the sweet warmth of his brown eyes. But Parasupe isn't done with her, yet.
Devon is everything Kohl wants, and the one thing he can't have. Not because of who she is or the color of her skin, but because it wasn't safe for her in his world. Not for her. Not for him. Not for the rest of his coven. If the Master doesn't kill her, the beast inside of Kohl will.
But that wasn't enough to keep him away.

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