The Last Slide

The Last Slide

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High in the Rocky Mountains, winter has closed in the week before Christmas. The first big storm of the season has covered the town of Oresville in a beautiful but perhaps deadly white blanket of snow. The surrounding mountains shimmer in the bright sunshine as the Getting Higher Snowmobile Club takes a ride up the peaks, only to discover a red truck off the mountain trail, held in place by towering pine trees. Was this an unfortunate accident or bad decision making? Is there something more sinister afoot? Is there a body in the truck, left for dead or worse? Will Augusta leave her beloved mountains? When will Anne Louise master the French language? Can a thirty something find love at 10-5? Deputy Phoebe Korneal is determined to again prove her detective skills to Sheriff Joe and the eclectic characters of Green County, Colorado. She will take charge of the situation high in the Rockies to solve yet another mystery in Oresville while celebrating the end of the year—anticipating new starts. Join this crazy crew as they create the next headlines for the New Year!

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The Last Slide
Martha Harmon Pardee
169.9 MB
March 1, 2023
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