The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

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High in the Rocky Mountains, Green County reveled in a proud history of prospecting and mining dating back to the 1860s Gold Rush, and seemed like the perfect place for Phoebe Korneal to start her life over. Heartbreak and disillusionment in Utah became the inspiration that catapulted her over the mountain peaks to join the Green County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office as a deputy and detective, reuniting her with her close childhood friends, reporter Carrie Jean O'Brien and Undersheriff Bill Diamond. Awakened one morning to hear their small mining community’s resident gold prospector had been found dead – they called him Old Al, because, well, he was old – Phoebe jumped on the opportunity to put her detective skills to work, while Sheriff Joe Jackson campaigned busily at the Buns Up Bakery for his re-election to office. Was Old Al's death an accident? Natural causes? Or could something sinister be afoot? Is there gold and where is it stashed? What are the secret ingredients in Augusta’s Special Tea? Can senior citizens find love at 10-5? What’s a teenager to do? Phoebe is determined to find the answers and prove herself as a top-notch detective to Joe Jackson and her adopted town of eccentric characters. Join this crazy, fun cast and crew in hot pursuit of a killer comic mystery!

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The Last Hurrah
Martha Harmon Pardee
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November 28, 2022
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