The Haunting on West 10th Street

The Haunting on West 10th Street

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Roses and vines run delicately across her skin, snaking from her chest to the top of her thigh. On any other day the tattoo would look beautiful. But this was her last…

When Detective Maria Miller walks up creaking stairs into the attic of the old brownstone she senses this isn’t an ordinary crime scene. The brutality of the murder is enough to shock even an experienced detective like Maria. But there’s something else. An unsettling presence seems to lurk in the shadows sending a chill through Maria’s bones, making her desperate to run back down the stairs and never return…

The killing is identical to the murder of an actress sixty years before, a crime that tore a family apart and sent shockwaves through New York City. In both cases, a satanic ritual was performed. Body parts were taken from the victims and never found.

Has the killer returned all these years later? Is there a copycat? Maria won’t let fear stop her from finding answers. Even when her relentless pursuit of the truth brings evil to her own door…

Perfect for fans of John Connolly, A. J. Rivers and Cara Hunter, this chilling crime thriller from the bestselling author Helen Phifer will have you sleeping with the lights on.

What readers are saying about The Haunting on West 10th Street:

I had shivers down my spine… you must read this book.” Online reviewer ?????

Edge-of-the-seat, unputdownable and brilliantly terrifying… if you aren’t already a huge fan of Helen Phifer, you will be.” Online reviewer ?????

There were times when I had to put this book down and take a breather.” Online reviewer ?????

No one knows how to scare me like Helen.” Online reviewer ?????

Really wish I could give it more than five stars.” Online reviewer ?????

Do yourself a favour, turn off the TV, take the phone off the hook and settle down in your comfiest chair and start reading. Online reviewer ?????

I had to put it down just so my heart calmed down to a normal beat. It made me leave lights on and look behind me before I walked into a room.’ Online reviewer ?????

“I couldn't put this book down, loved all the characters especially Maria Miller tough detective! Hope there will be another continuing book.” Online reviewer ?????

“I don’t know what I love best about Helen Phifer’s books... it could be the edge-of-the-seat, frightened-to-turn-the-light-off situations, or the way in which she uses her settings.” Online reviewer ?????

“Helen has absolutely captivated me again, loved Maria and Frankie as much as all her other characters really hope that there is more to come from these two.” Online reviewer ?????

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