The Four Keys: The Beginning - The thrilling prequel to the Four Keys series!

The Four Keys: The Beginning - The thrilling prequel to the Four Keys series!

Book 0: The Four Keys
Some people will tell you that the world of Fae isn't real...
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Some people will tell you that the world of Fae isn't real... 

But it's more than real, and the Fae may be the only ones that can save the magical and human world. 

The Four Keys tells the story of Becca and Selene, and the part they play in searching for the Four Keys. Magic and turmoil simmer, and it will not be long before it boils over. Can Becca and Selene keep evil from reigning? 

This novella is a mix of the Fae and human world with a kick, something a little different, and for adults and young adults alike! 

Check out the first book in the Four Keys series, Sword of Light at 

This story came about through requests from some of my VIP readers, who said it would be nice to know more about Andie's nan and mother and the background to Andie's story. So, this shorter novella is their story. The Prequel is a story of heartache, change, overcoming adversity, and rising above it... There is horror, magic, romance, and the love of family. 


This is a fantastic prequel. We get to know Becca, Andie's Nan, from the moment she escapes from the Fomori. Celeste helps her to get a new life between humans. As she doesn't know anything about this world, everything catch her attention, and she gave amusing descriptions of common things like telephones or blouses.
It also tells the story of her daughter Selene, mother of Andie.
Both were amazing and strong women. That learned to adapt whenever is necessary and don't surrender. Andie is like them, except she complains way more.
We also get to know a little about Rohn, Andie's father. It gets absolutely clear that he loved Selene and Andie. And would have never abandoned them without a reason.
Amazing and lovely complementary story." Goodreads Reviewer *****

"Ever wonder how your latest journey started? This sets the back story and sets you on your way. Great job!!" Goodreads Reviewer *****

"If you enjoy your books with lots of detail to help you visualize and feel like you are right there experiencing what is happening while you read...this is a series you will enjoy reading. From magic, turmoil, evil, friendship and love, you'll discover it all ." Goodreads Reviewer *****

Release date: August 29, 2020

Print pages: 69

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