The Door Below the Comic Store: An Urban Fantasy Story

The Door Below the Comic Store: An Urban Fantasy Story

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How would you react if you found hidden doors in your city that led to other worlds of mystery and magic?

While trying to escape the incessant bickering between his mom and his jerk of a stepfather, Colton goes out to meet a friend—and stumbles into a doorway that leads him somewhere unexpected.

Distracted by the world he discovers, Colton begins his magical education in the most unexpected way.

His new friends seems to like and trust him, and this gives Colton a confidence he has rarely known in his short, miserable life—but that doesn't mean his stepdad is going to let him forget where he came from.

Will Colton bow under the jerk's heel, as he always has before? Or will this newfound confidence help him stand up for himself and his mom for a change?

Explore new worlds of mystery and magic with The Door Below the Comic Store. Download the short story today!

Release date: January 3, 2017

Publisher: MG Publishing LLC

Print pages: 38

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