The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

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She’s at his beck and call. He’s under her spell. Can a master and his mistress unshackle their guilty pleasures?

River Rogers endures the abuse of her cruel husband until she can finally steal her children away to safety, returning to the only man who’s treated her as someone special and barges into the playboy mobster’s sprawling mansion, ready to offer anything he desires. 

Cruz MacKenzie revels in dark urges. But when the self-proclaimed witch spies the ripe, sexy, but desperate survivor who broke his heart by leaving the last time she was there, he’s torn between his urge to protect her and the desire to claim her innocence. Determined never to lose her again, the high-powered Chicago criminal and brothel owner offers her an ultimatum… leave forever or forfeit her freedom for one year.

Now contractually enslaved to her guardian, River’s hard labor, and humiliating punishment at his sensuous hands is made bearable by focusing on healing her children. Cruz hesitates to satiate his cravings while longing to pour out his black soul to his generous prize.

With a traitor in the house seeking to destroy them both, can this wounded pair break the chains of trauma?

The Devil You Know is a pulse-pounding standalone dark romance novel. If you like brooding heroes, a gothic atmosphere, and steamy chemistry, you’ll love Kay Freeman’s suspenseful tale of dominance and liberation.

Trigger Warning:

This book is not for everyone. It contains power exchange dynamics. The hero is not warm and fuzzy. The book contains discussions of physical abuse, drug addiction, suicide and religious fervor used as a weapon. The book also contains graphic descriptions of sexual activities. If you find any of this objectionable or triggering, stay clear. However, with all this said, the book is healing and hopeful and ends with a positive, loving relationship.


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