The Devil Went Down to Glendale

The Devil Went Down to Glendale

Debra Dunbar Founding author
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To settle her debt with the tax demons, Eden promised them ten jobs, but she didn’t think the demons would cash in on her vow so quickly.

When she discovers her target is a powerful mage in charge of The Righteous, a group dedicated to freeing New Hel from demon rule, Eden is torn between her promise to the tax demons and her loyalty toward the humans in her battered city.

But the Righteous and their leader don’t have humanity’s best interest at heart. If The Righteous win this war, New Hell will be in the hands of a magically powerful dictator. If they lose, the backlash from the demons will cause even more death and misery among the residents of New Hell.

As tensions rise between the humans and supernatural beings Eden is caught in the crossfire of loyalty and betrayal with the winner taking all—including LA.

Release date: November 30, 2021

Publisher: Debra Dunbar

Print pages: 286

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