The Death of Light: A Most Unusual Amateur Sleuth Mystery

The Death of Light: A Most Unusual Amateur Sleuth Mystery

Where the light shines, death stalks her from the shadows…
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When the City of Scolaris’ most influential man vanishes without trace, Quill develops a serious case of déjà vu. With her dream of becoming a scholar at stake, Quill is the only one who believes a crime has been committed. While Quill searches for answers, she unravels a web of petty rivalries and political corruption.

As tensions rise, the ruling council is placed in protective custody, only to find one of them murdered. Knowing there’s a killer among them, Quill races against time to outwit the powerful elites and protect the family she’s created with her mentor.

As Quill ditches the posse of power-hungry politicians to search for the truth, she makes a shocking discovery - the killer was under her nose all along. With her future and the city’s reputation on the line, Quill will stop at nothing to find the truth and bring the killer to justice.

If you love luxurious world-building and a twist and turn, everyone's a suspect whodunit with a one of a kind heroine, oddball suspects and a cunning adversary, you will love The Death of Light.

Delve into this puzzling amateur sleuth mystery series and sleuth-along with Quill, as she uncovers the secret dark underbelly of her not-so-cozy world.

Release date: September 4, 2023


Print pages: 360

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