The Cult of Evaran

The Cult of Evaran

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Faith in Evaran can take on many forms.

Evaran and the gang get a summons to find Sazrissa Mortalka in the year 26,491 AD on Earth and to aid her in her cause. Dravell Zhage, along with Syr, his AI companion, and CC, Dravell’s cosmic cloth, also get a summons to do the same, then bring Sazrissa back to his Torvatta. Unfortunately, neither group has met each other before

Another problem is that the Evaranites, a cult that follows Evaran, are hunting Sazrissa. They are a brutal organization that deals in illegal cloned digital consciousnesses and a variety of other trades. One concern is that the Evaranites were founded based on an event with a future Evaran, and Prime Arbiter Frenev, the Evaranites’ leader, says Evaran speaks through him. The Evaranites use faith in Evaran as a weapon.

Navigating the advanced era with a variety of factions is problematic, but doing so against a well-established cult with a presence on many worlds is challenging. Dravell Zhage, Sazrissa Mortalka, Syr, and CC join up with Evaran and the gang to take down the cult and to stop their advancement across the stars using Evaran’s name.

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The Cult of Evaran
Adair Hart
Michael Wolfe
315.11 MB
July 21, 2022
Quantum Edge Publishing




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