Opposites attract and tension sizzles when a famous dressage rider and a brooding rancher find themselves in a fake relationship.

The only thing Veronica del Valle cares about these days is finally making it to the Olympics as a dressage rider. Her performance at the last qualifying competition went so horribly wrong that the video went viral. So, she agrees to her father’s idea to train at some unheard-of small-town ranch in California—away from any distractions or cameras. At first, she's put off by the rustic accommodations and the lack of high-end equestrian equipment. And she balks when the ranch’s deep-voiced stable manager offers his unsolicited advice during her training sessions. Especially since the brooding, but handsome, cowboy is usually right. But the more time she spends at Rancho Lindo, the more Veronica begins to realize that her first impressions about everything—and everyone—might have been wrong…
Tómas Ortega's needs to save his family’s ranch but his new boarding service is struggling to take off. So, he agrees to his brother’s idea of letting a secret new client stay at Rancho Lindo for the next three months while she boards her horse and trains for some event. Tómas is immediately put off by Veronica’s high and mighty attitude and complaints. He tells himself to keep his distance, especially when she makes it clear that his opinions about her are not welcomed. But when she finds out his ex and her new fiancé is coming back to town, no one is more surprised than Tómas when she offers to pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for some after-hours training. And the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to remember that Veronica’s Olympic dreams will eventually take her away from Rancho Lindo and from him.

Release date: November 28, 2023

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Print pages: 352

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