Spirits of Sarana

Spirits of Sarana

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       In the mystical land of Sarana, plants thrive, the water is clean, and the trees shift colors with a magic all their own. For those who've found their way to Sarana, it is a refuge and a paradise. But across the ocean lies the wasteland of Caldora, a land ravaged by its history of war, stifling pollution and starvation. 

            There are many who struggle to survive in Caldora, and among them is Jai. An ordinary boy, nothing special. Just a boy wondering where he came from. But the answer seems to lie with the fate of Jai's mother, a woman whose achievements are enough to make ordinary Jai an unwitting target.

            When a devastating loss upends life as he's known it, Jai's thrown into a far-reaching conflict from the past, and finding Sarana is only the first step in finding out his own history. His mother is out there somewhere, and the quest to find her will lead Jai and everyone he cares about into mortal danger.

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Spirits of Sarana
Henry LeBlanc
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March 29, 2022
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