Heroic samurai must defeat an ancient evil unleashed upon the world, before its malign power destroys the realm of Rokugan in this epic Legend of the Five Rings fantasy adventure

The Empire stands on the brink of destruction. The dark sorcerer Iuchiban has escaped his tomb, and desires dominion over the Emerald Empire. His baleful influence infects all… Plague and famine grip the land, and peasant revolts blossom in the outer provinces. The dead roam the foothills of the Twilight Mountains, as if guided by his hand, while the Imperial Court tears itself apart. Only a few brave samurai know the truth of Iuchiban’s return, and undoing his evil will cost them everything. Yet, should they fail, there will be no Rokugan.

Release date: September 5, 2023

Publisher: Aconyte

Print pages: 352

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