Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister

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The battle lines are drawn . . .

Following the scandalous revelations about his love life, disgraced media mogul Harry Rose is searching for redemption. His daughters - bright, winsome Eliza and dark, difficult Maria - have taken over his beloved company and are making some major changes.

Guided by Harry, Eliza navigates life as Rose Corp's new queen. But Maria is standing in her way. And then there's the distraction of Eliza's childhood playmate, the twinkly-eyed Rob Studley, and the unresolved death of her mother . . .

After a stellar start, things take a turn for the worse and ultimately Eliza will have to make a choice: career, or love?

Loosely based on the turbulent reigns of Tudor queens Mary and Elizabeth, this is a scandalous tale of love, power and betrayal . . .

Praise for Olivia Hayfield:

'Ingenious and addictive' Francesca Hornak

'A delicious read' Renee Rosen

Release date: January 12, 2021

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Print pages: 448

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Sister to Sister
Olivia Hayfield
Jess Nesling
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