Shot to Pieces

Shot to Pieces

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Paddy Durr is a brilliant detective and his own worst enemy. A brutal upbringing filled with abuse, neglect, and abandonment has left him with an ingrained sense of worthlessness. When he catches a grisly gang-related street assassination in Brooklyn, he is on the verge of an emotional and psychological breakdown. His wife is divorcing him. His children won't speak to him. His murder case is a political nightmare. The mayor and the police department would rather it just go away. Paddy finds himself on his own. With the clock ticking, Paddy must hold it together long enough to solve the case, fix himself enough to rescue his family life, or implode, irrevocably destroying his career, his family, and himself.

Release date: January 11, 2021

Publisher: Red Penguin Books

Print pages: 271

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Shot to Pieces
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe
336.01 MB
March 12, 2021
Red Penguin Books




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