Second Encounter

Second Encounter

Book 4: Ascension Wars
Jasper T. Scott Founding author
The road to salvation is paved in blood.
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Comes the stunning conclusion of the Ascension Wars series...

With a fragile peace established in the Enclave between humans and Chimeras, both species must learn to put aside their differences to ensure their continued survival. But not everyone is happy with the new arrangements, and racial tensions are simmering just beneath the surface, ready to explode.

Meanwhile, Clayton and Samara’s daughter, Dora, might be the answer that everyone is looking for: her immunity to both strains of the Chimeran virus could soon lead to a cure, making it possible to establish new settlements beyond the Enclave. This would allow Chimeras and Humans to go their separate ways before old conflicts spark anew.

Mysteriously, the Kyra’s reinforcements never arrived to blockade and quarantine Earth. Clayton is worried that this means the Kyra are losing the war to the Chrona. He’s no friend of either side, but if the Chrona win, there’s reason to believe that they might sterilize the entire galaxy of organic life. He wants to take the Enclave’s stolen transport ship to the stars to learn what’s going on, and to find a safe world to evacuate to, but the Enclave’s ruling council refuses to let such a valuable asset leave.

Yet, when Clayton learns of a sinister plot within the Enclave that directly threatens his family, he knows he can’t abide by the council’s decision. He plans to steal the transport and leave with his family and the surviving members of Phoenix before it’s too late. But old enemies are lurking in the shadows, and Clayton’s plans are bound to make plenty of new ones. Leaving Earth won’t be easy, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Little does Clayton know, the revelations waiting beyond Earth are far more terrifying than he ever could have imagined…

Release date: September 21, 2020

Publisher: Anthem Press

Print pages: 294

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