National Bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone bring us the latest action-packed Western in the Circuit Rider series, the first Johnstone books to acknowledge a higher power and bring a subtle element of faith to justice in the Wild West.



From Confederate marauder to rebel gunfighter to repentant preacherman, circuit rider Taylor Callahan’s road to perdition has been a hellish ride. Sinners beware.

After riding with Missouri bushwhackers, Taylor Callahan vowed to never take another life. He’s making good on it in Peaceful Valley. By day, swamping a saloon. By night, preaching the Good Book. But this little settlement is about to become anything but peaceable. When the marshal takes a bullet in a sheepman-cattleman skirmish he pins a badge on Taylor leaving the circuit rider open to whole new world of hell . . .
A railroad engineer building a line from Laramie to Denver is cutting across Arapaho land starting a war on Peace Treaty Peak. If that’s not enough to set the county on fire, Taylor’s trigger-happy past comes calling. The revenge-seeking Harris boys are hot on his tail. With the marshal down, Peaceful Valley is ripe for the taking—and blasting Taylor to kingdom come is part of the deal. If keeping the peace means breaking Taylor’s vow so be it. He’s looking forward to strapping on his Colt .45 again. That’s the gospel truth.

Live Free. Read Hard.

Release date: March 28, 2023

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

Print pages: 320

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