Sandy, Breaking the Pattern

Sandy, Breaking the Pattern

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Release date: February 4, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

Print pages: 451

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Behind the book

Author’s notes may contain spoilers!

I didn’t really now anything about Sandy when she first showed up in Henry, Breaking the Pattern. She had the minor role of Marty’s half-sister, keeping Henry away from their mother with his dirty money. But Sandy’s role in Henry’s life grew and became more important, and as bits of her history and upbringing were revealed, I became more interested in delving into her life and how things might work out for her.

Like Henry, Sandy is caught between two lives. Henry was trying to stay out of trouble, but it kept finding him. Sandy has been raised to a life of crime, but maybe there is something better out there for her.

Can Sandy break the cycles of crime, addiction, and poverty that she was raised in?

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