Realizing Love: Three Romantic Reads

Realizing Love: Three Romantic Reads

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Dreams: pure and passionate, waiting to be realized…

Inhaling Hope

A friends-to-lovers story with a twist of grace
Clarion so enjoys the natural, comfortable connection she has with a frank and friendly neighbor of hers. But the personal history hovering over Clarion’s head may be in the way. For their present and future, her neighbor has made an intimate, pivotal choice. Now it’s time for Clarion to make her own.

Debbie Duo

Two-for-one romantic tales of a dreamer
Debbie? She’s a children’s book author in a budding relationship (Ahh. Stuart.) and a frustrating phase of writer’s block. While her imagination wanders, Debbie can’t help reflecting on the “dream woman” she…is not. She also recalls some of the bright dreams of her past while she’s in Stuart’s presence. At this point, is the remembrance of those dreams a good thing or not?

We Were Real

A second-chance romance of redemption
In the town where singer-songwriter Nikkita Creighton grew up, the draw of music once led to a wondrous encounter that changed her life. She soon went on to experience the warmth, hilarity, and safety of one of the closest friendships she’d ever known.

Yet, so much shattered for Nikkita after a twisted betrayal of her trust, an assault on her body, and an appalling scandal that left a sacred community crumbling. Now that Nikkita’s music career is bringing her back to the first big stage she ever performed on, she may finally have the chance to recapture something intensely true.

Enjoy these sweet contemporary love stories of friendship, laughter and pain, and the miracle of new and second beginnings.

Release date: September 5, 2022

Print pages: 200

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