Queen of Avalon: Book 3 of the Broken Throne Saga

Queen of Avalon: Book 3 of the Broken Throne Saga

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Backed into a corner ... she comes out fighting.

The world's magic continues to fail.

The middlings want their charmed items and Sable more than ever. They can feel the future coming—a future when the magic will be gone forever.

Winnie's taken over the charm runners in Baltimore and New Amsterdam.

With the Philly boss joining her, the East Coast is hers.

Will Winnie finally unite the entire nation before Director Kane's new Project X stops her?

Queen of Avalon is the third book in the action-packed Broken Throne series. Enter a world with gangster mages, crooked cops, and a dark fae secret threatening to end it all. Join Winnie and her crew, as the charm runners race to save the world.

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Release date: August 29, 2019

Print pages: 257

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