Planet of Mystery

Planet of Mystery

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"A terrific read ... Bisson blew me away!" —Bibliophile Stalker


Marooned on Venus, Hall and Chang of the first Chinese-American expedition are surprised to find themselves breathing Earth-normal air; and alarmed to find themselves captured by beautiful amazons mounted on foul-smelling centaurs.

"None of this can be real!" Hall protests, as he is dragged off to meet the Amazon Queen. Chang is inclined to agree (even though the arrow in his shoulder feels genuine).

Then the robot rolls in...

Planet of Mystery is more than just an interrogation of the enigmatic interface between appearance and reality. Like Pride and Prejudice, it's an adventure. Like Don Quixote, it's a love story; and like Lolita, it has a happy ending.


"A playful, frivolous, serious and thoughtful book." —Goodreads


About the Author: Best known for his short stories "They're Made out of Meat" and "Bears Discover Fire," Terry Bisson has won every major award in SF, including the Hugo, the Nebula, the Sturgeon and Locus awards, and France's Gran Prix de  l'Imaginaire.  He lives in California.

Release date: December 3, 2013

Print pages: 94

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