Night Strike

Night Strike

Starting a war is child's play...
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An ex-Navy SEAL parachutes onto a glacier in Greenland under cover of darkness. A Russian admiral sails his Udaloy-class destroyer to the newly reopened air base on Kotelny Island in the East Siberian Sea. A research scientist in Seattle arranges a midnight meeting with an NCIS counterespionage agent. A navy intelligence agent goes AWOL in a quest to clear her name of murder.

The only common thread among them is unsuspecting newspaper delivery driver Blake Sanders. When the scientist’s surreptitious rendezvous is interrupted by Russian mafiosi and goes bad, the wounded scientist rabbits. Desperate to get away, he hijacks Blake’s car at gunpoint. Shortly after, the man bleeds out in the back seat and dies, but not before giving Blake a photo of a young girl and extracting a promise to find and protect her.

Carrying out that promise launches Blake on a frenetic and dangerous race against time to find the girl and the secret she holds, a secret that could put technology in the hands of the Russians that will tip the balance of world military power. On the run from NCIS, police, the Russian Organizitsaya, and even his former lover, naval intelligence officer Reyna Chase, Blake’s only hope of stopping a secret plot against Putin that could put Russia and the US at war is saving the girl.

First, he has to stay alive…

Release date: October 15, 2015

Publisher: Cutter Press

Print pages: 342

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