Nerve Endings

Nerve Endings

Genres: Thrillers
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"From sea to shining sea, America is wired for a nightmare!"

Nerve Endings, William Martin's prophetic New York Times bestseller, returns to thrill readers again with suspense, excitement, and blockbuster action.

Off the coast of Maine, a fishing boat explodes. On the shores of the Pacific, a dangerous media colossus is waiting to be born. And caught between, the American people, living their lives, enduring their struggles, oblivious to the forces gathering around them.

A Hollywood producer named Roger Darrow dies on that fishing boat. With him die a lot of dark secrets. But in death, he gives a stranger a second chance at life. James Whiting, a Boston advertising man on the transplant list, comes up a match and receives one of Darrow's kidneys. As his health improves, he decides to go to Los Angeles to thank Darrow's family. There he finds Darrow's widow, Jeanne, grief-stricken and bewildered, and he tries to help.

Meanwhile, dark, dangerous forces are gathering, invading the privacy of ordinary Americans, plotting to determine the direction of democracy itself, all through the cables that carry entertainment and information into every home, like the electronic nerve endings of the nation. Is this why Roger Darrow was killed?

Whiting and Jeanne set out to retrace his last journey and discover the truth. What follows is a suspense thriller like no other, a mad chase across wintertime America, from the heart of Hollywood to the rockbound coast of Maine. It's also a powerful contemplation on the character of the nation itself, and of ordinary Americans confronting the technological future that has come to pass since Nerve Endings made its debut.

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