My High School Billionaire Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

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Can a rich boy and a poor girl find love
Or are their worlds too far apart...


My parents own a billion dollar company

Yeah, we have a big house, new cars, everything money can buy

Money, it's what everyone wants in life

It makes us happy...

Or does it?


Dad and I had a dream...but it died the day he did

Losing my Dad still haunts me everyday

Three years, yet I miss him so much

Now life is about surviving, not dreaming

Falling for Jack Whittaker can only be a mistake

He's the rich boy who lives in a mansion on the hill

I'm the poor girl from the other side of town

And our worlds are too far apart...

For our love to ever have a chance

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend is a sweet, standalone romance,

but it has characters who are interconnected with My High School Fake Boyfriend.

Release date: May 28, 2020

Print pages: 174

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