Moving Home: Rolling Thunder Series Book 6

Moving Home: Rolling Thunder Series Book 6

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JT and Kayden learn the hard way to never let your guard down – because trouble could be just around the corner. Free to start a new life away from the dangerous Devils Motorcycle Club, Kayden and JT leave South Dakota to move to Green Bay where the Sheppards live. Then Kayden disappears during a routine gas stop, and JT is torn between going after the woman he loves, and protecting her daughter. The Devils are known to have the local law in their back pockets, so JT calls in reinforcements. Time is not on their side and the clock is ticking. Moving Home is the sixth book in the exciting Rolling Thunder series. If you like sizzling sex scenes, suspense and happy endings, you’ll love PJ Fiala’s page turning series. Start your exciting journey today. Moving Home is the wrap-up of JT and Kayden's story from Moving to You. While it is a stand-alone, you will enjoy it much more if you read Moving to You first.

Release date: July 12, 2018

Publisher: Rolling Thunder

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